Time to resurrect this…

My work has erected The Great Wall, and has blocked pretty much everything trying to get in.

In some ways, I can understand this:

  • we are a research/education environment, and the information we have on our systems can be (commercially) valuable
  • we are a big organisation, with a lot of computers, making it statistically easier to find a machine to subvert into a ‘bot

Of course, there are also downsides:

  • The belief that security can be dealt with elsewhere: “It’s a secure car-park, my car will be here when I get back.”
  • The belief that security can be dealt with by someone else: “There’s a security guard, so I don’t need to lock my car.”

The truth lies somewhere between these two: I have a responsibility for my own shit, but a totalitarian regime makes the academic ideal of Open Access harder.

So what’s happened if the web site what was on my workstation, the web site that has existed for over 20 years…. is shutting down.

I shall move all the stuff that was there to other sites: some to LinkedIn; some here; some to various Motorsports web sites I run… and maybe I’ll start up another host, under another domain name, and post there.

‘Tis an end of an era – but that University Life for you…