Repositories are dead, long live repositories – redux

There has been talk around the place that the term Repositories (as in Institutional Repositories) is detrimental (it appears in several guises on the IdeaScale page Repositories – communicating the idea and by a number of people in conversation and talks.

There is an interest in Repository Fringe ’09…. but if the term “Repository” is to be replaced, what should we do about the not-a-conference title?

…. and what should the term “Repository” be replaced with?


One thought on “Repositories are dead, long live repositories – redux

  1. Repository is quite good term. In Finland it is translated like publication archive and that should be change, but we dont’t have in finnish language as good term as repository . Repository Fringe 2009, I hope it will be organised in some way, 2008 was that good!
    Repositories are like warehouses, with all those articles, publications, virtual learning materials, videos and dvd´s, but without the commercial explotation.

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