Repository Junction, a new world

I have, as many people know, written a small piece of code called Repository Junction.

The function was needed because we are running an ePrint repository called the Depot. The purpose of the Depot is to accept deposits on behalf of Institutions that don’t yet have repositories, with the intent to pass them on once said Institution sets up a repository. We do NOT want to take deposits that should be lodged somewhere else, we don’t want to be seen hogging the landscape.

With this in mind, I wanted to direct people to The Right Place[tm], hence the need for Repository Junction.

Currently, RJ is integrated piece of code, with the lookup functions built into the code-base directly. I want to extract them, and re-write the whole thing so that the core Junction functionality becomes a simple API (maybe multiple APIs, with common/consistent parameters) which anyone can call, anyone can use.

(But after the current three jobs on my list)


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